[EuroPython] Starting to plan

Paul Everitt paul at zope-europe.org
Sun Sep 21 02:08:40 EDT 2003

On Friday, Sep 19, 2003, at 13:29 Europe/Paris, Nicolas Chauvat wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 02:29:05PM +0300, Heimo Laukkanen wrote:
>> But all and all I do agree with Paul. Showing more companies sends 
>> right
>> message to the participants, even subconscious - about thriving
>> community and businesses. This is important for the newcomers who will
>> go back to their organisations and social circles and tell how much 
>> they
>> saw.
> Nod. Showing python companies is good PR for Python.

Clarification: I didn't intend that companies sit in their booths the 
entire time. Perhaps just between breaks, during lunch, and at the end 
of the day.


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