[EuroPython] Tim O'Reilly in London - 19 Feb 2004

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Feb 11 08:23:12 EST 2004

In case anyone is interested....

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> Hi Andy 
> Details of Tim's Talk can be found on www.ukcfug.org.
> The talk is free but people have to register (security reason) - 
> REgistration is on 
> http://www.ukcfug.org/index.cfm?objectid=34A5AE57-0AA2-93EF-B8EE09
> 920B923A51. I found the registration page so difficult to find 
> that I think quoting the url is better.
> Resume:
> The Open Source Paradigm Shift
> The computer industry has gone through a sea change in the past 
> few years. The killer applications of the web era turned out not 
> to be PC-based software packages like the web browser, but web 
> hosted applications like google, mapquest and amazon.com. These 
> applications are built on top of Linux and Apache, yet they are 
> themselves fiercely proprietary. 
> But what would most developers do with their source code? These 
> massive systems are valuable for their data as much as for their 
> programs. And by opening up XML web services APIs to that data, 
> the most innovative of these sites are creating new opportunities 
> for hackers to "scratch their own itch." One of the greatest 
> challenges for open source in the next few years is to understand 
> and adapt to the paradigm shift implicit in network computing, 
> and to shed the legacy thinking of the desktop era.
> All the best
> Josette

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