[EuroPython] Next IRC Meeting 2004-02-23 1880 CET

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Tue Feb 17 03:17:28 EST 2004

Michael Hudson wrote:

> We seem to have settled into Mondays at 6pm Central European time for
> meetings of the EuroPython Organizing Cabal, and as such the next
> meeting is scheduled for Monday 23rd February 2004, 1800 CET,
> #europython on the freenode network.

Hi, sorry to not be able to attend (again) at the meeting. I got caught 
up at work and had to rush home, and didn't even have time to switch on 
the computer all evening.

Here are a few comments, after reading thru the log:

* Website - folder structure:
   It is perfectly by allright by me to rip and tear at it (*sob* ;-) as 
much as is needed to make it work. I only made it to ahve something to 
work from. If there are any questions as to the why's and hows, felel 
free to catch med on irc or mail.

   I agree with SteveA on this: "[...] think [...] about this as a 
series of conferences, and how to put information from a conference at a 
URL that won't change from year to year". I was one of the reasons why i 
made the /epc/conferences folder and the /epc/current an "alias" to the 
current conference in /epc/conferences, though I agree that calling 
/ecp/conferences "Past conferences is *very* confusing...

* Göteborg - profile info:
   There is a website that contains info and media prictures:


   there are some neato pictures of Göteborg in it's imagebank, but I 
feel that for the website logo we need and image that is more "stilized" 
(I don't know the word in in english, in swedish it is "stiliserad"; I 
mean a picture wich contains only the core elements). As anexample of 
such an image, look at the pages above, in the top-left corner. There is 
  an animated gif/flash that pictures all the major elements that define 
Göteborgs profile.

   Can we have that as the definiend element to the EPC-2004 logo?

   BTW, there are Pythons in Universeum and also on Sjöfartsmuseet (I 

* Sprints:
   I might need to make a precheck on how amny rooms are needed to make 

* Other stuff:

	- There is a cafeteria available where we are going to be. I think it 
is run by students. Should I start enquiring whether they will be opne 
during the conference?

	- Rooms - will check out both how to book smaller rooms in the vicinity 
of the conference area.

	- Need to have info on requirements for rooms. Network, projectors etc. 
Whiteboards or chalkboards will probably be avialable.

	- Security... do we need any?

	- Extra's do we need any stundents to help out? if so, can we offer 
them something?


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Dario Lopez-Kästen, IT Systems & Services Chalmers University of Tech.

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