[EuroPython] Next IRC Meeting 2004-02-23 1880 CET

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Feb 17 05:07:45 EST 2004

Dario Lopez-Kästen <dario at ita.chalmers.se> writes:

> Michael Hudson wrote:
>> We seem to have settled into Mondays at 6pm Central European time for
>> meetings of the EuroPython Organizing Cabal, and as such the next
>> meeting is scheduled for Monday 23rd February 2004, 1800 CET,
>> #europython on the freenode network.
> Hi, sorry to not be able to attend (again) at the meeting.

But, in principle, the time is OK for you?

> I got caught up at work and had to rush home, and didn't even have
> time to switch on the computer all evening.

We'll forgive you, just this once :-)

> Here are a few comments, after reading thru the log:
> * Sprints:
>    I might need to make a precheck on how amny rooms are needed to
>    make reservations.

Yes, I don't believe the question of where the sprints will take place
has been discussed.

> * Other stuff:
> 	- There is a cafeteria available where we are going to be. I
>           think it is run by students. Should I start enquiring
>           whether they will be opne during the conference?

I was under the impression that it would not be, but I'm not sure
there's any reason to think that the person who gave me this
impression is likely to be better informed than you...

> 	- Rooms - will check out both how to book smaller rooms in the
>           vicinity of the conference area.


> 	- Need to have info on requirements for rooms. Network,
>           projectors etc. Whiteboards or chalkboards will probably be
>           avialable.

For the small (sprint?) rooms?

> 	- Security... do we need any?

I wouldn't have thought more than they would have anyway, but this
question is definitely out of my experience...


  > Why are we talking about bricks and concrete in a lisp newsgroup?
  After long experiment it was found preferable to talking about why
  Lisp is slower than C++...
                        -- Duane Rettig & Tim Bradshaw, comp.lang.lisp

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