Fwd: [EuroPython] Questionnaire responses

Etienne Posthumus etienne at cs.vu.nl
Wed Feb 25 03:38:43 EST 2004

> 1. Are you likely to attend Europython?

Yes. Pretty sure about it, plan on combining it with the family holiday.

> 2. What topics would you be interested in? How much would you be ready
> to pay for such a tutorial?

* 'Stackless for Dummies' ;-)
* Creating Zope Products in Python, any advanced Zope topics (eg. Zope 
and XML), also Zope 3 info.
* The joys and tribulations of SSL and Python.
* Beyond the basics info on reStructuredText , how to write custom 
reStructuredText writers.

Unless there was a clear-cut value add of a tutorial over normal 
conference presentations, I would prefer a fixed conference fee. 
Simplicity is good.

> 3. When would it be most suitable for you to participate in a tutorial?

During the conference.

> 4. Would you be willing to give a tutorial?  On what subject(s)?

Using Quixote, one of the other 1001 web application frameworks.
Depends on whether there was interest.

> 5. Is there any other input you would like to give us?

It doesn't fit in the tutorial category, but I would love to hear 
discussion on the REST vs. 'Webservices' debate. Also known as the SOAP 
_is_ webservices, "No! No! you stole our terminology give it back!" 

A BOF or talk on 'Python as REST powertool' would be cool.

Previous Europython conferences were great, I am looking forward to 
another one!

Etienne Posthumus, IIDS Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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