[EuroPython] Accomodation prices

Jeremiah Foster jeremiannika at comcast.net
Sun Feb 29 14:00:28 EST 2004

There are some excellent and affordable accommodations in Göteborg. I'll 
start with the really cheap first;

One very good option is the Spar Hotel[1], there are two of them, the 
one I am linking to is literally two minutes walk from the conference. 
Spar means "save" in Swedish so this is a budget conscious hotel. Rooms 
are about 65 EUR and like most Swedish hotels, it should be very 
comfortable. In fact, my experience is that Swedish youth hostels are 
nicer than many cheap hotels in other parts of the world. You may 
seriously want to consider them because they are very nice. (If you ever 
go to Gävle, you must stay at the hostel there, it is amazing.) One such 
hostel, called a minihotel because it really is a hotel, is Göteborgs 
Minihotel[2]. The price list is from 2001, but even if prices have risen 
it is incredibly cheap; for a two-bed room it is 20 EUR per bed. Another 
good option, near the ferry terminals and the Nordic regions largest 
record store, is Massthuggsterrasens Vandrarhem[3].

Another possibility is Hotel Vasa[4] in Vasastan, one of the nicest 
parts of the city. It is a short walk to the center and the conference 
and there are many, many cafes lining Vasagatan, the main street through 
Vasastan. It is one of the hipper areas for restaurants and there are 
clubs near by on the Avenyn. Prices at Hotel Vasa are listed in SEK but 
are closer to 100 EUR, even less than that depending when you are there.

This option is a hotel[5] right on the Avenyn, Göteborg's main street. 
The prices are current and are as low as 47 EUR.

More info can be gleaned from Göteborg's main web site[6] which is 
pretty good.

I am not a conference organizer so I cannot speak to any arrangements 
that may or have not been made on behalf of attendees, but hopefully 
there will be something reasonable available, Göteborg is a lovely city 
especially at that time of year and good attendance at the conference I 
am sure is welcome.

Let me know if I can help in any other way.

- Jeremiah Foster // Pythonian

[1] http://www.sparhotel.se/index2.asp?iLanguageID=2
[2] http://www.minihotel.se/
[3] http://www.mastenvandrarhem.com/
[4] http://www.hotelvasa.se/
[5] http://www.avenyturist.com/English/en_index.htm
[6] http://www.goteborg.se/prod/sk/goteborg.nsf/1/english?OpenDocument
Map with hotels from city center

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> Are there any reasonably priced hotels in Göteborg ?
> The only one I found was an IBIS hotel; all others have prices
> which start at 120 EUR per night...
> Will the organizers arrange special rates in any of these hotels
> (like we did in Charleroi) ?
> Thanks,

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