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Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Sun Feb 29 17:09:28 EST 2004

In a message of Sun, 29 Feb 2004 16:36:05 +0100, "M.-A. Lemburg" writes:
>Are there any reasonably priced hotels in Göteborg ?
>The only one I found was an IBIS hotel; all others have prices
>which start at 120 EUR per night...
>Will the organizers arrange special rates in any of these hotels
>(like we did in Charleroi) ?
>Marc-Andre Lemburg

There are many hotels that are at the same price as the IBIS, and
hostels which are cheaper still.  But what we did was to book 153 beds
(in 2 per room and 4 per room) lots at SGS Veckobostäder,
http://www.sgsveckobostader.com/ .  This is a student operated place,
which is right on one side of the campus, so a very short walk to
where EuroPython, and pre-and-post sprints are being held.

We got an even better rate than listed on their website, and plan to
offer rooms at:

* Bed in two bed room
          o 3-6 nights SEK 242/night (26.50 Euro)
          o 7+ nights SEK 172/night (19 Euro)
* Bed in 4 bed room
          o 3-6 nights SEK 141/night (15.50 Euro)
          o 7+ nights SEK 104/night (11.50 Euro)

The website to coordinate this isn't quite ready.

This is a really nice place.  Its reason to exist is to house visiting
scholars who are lecturing at Chalmers.  It has laundry and cooking
facilities -- and as of this week it has a website in English, so you
can take a look at more than just the pictures.  Ask Christian Tismer
or Samuele Pedroni who stayed there last EuroPython Sprint, or Alex
Martelli who stays there most of the weeks he is working at Strakt in
town what they think.

But of you want more service and luxury, Hotel Lilton is the nicest
place in town.  At 780 SEK a night, it is still a lot cheaper than the
120 Euros you found.  http://www.hotellilton.com/  If you stay there
it is a 20 minute walk to Chalmers -- very pretty through nature but
up a mountain -- or a short tram ride.

I will post a comprehensive list of the Göteborg hotels and hostels
that are relatively near to Chalmers, and their prices.  Also, if we
fill those 153 beds, there is a chance I can get some more at some
locations that are slightly further away.

Oh, and yes, if you are coming with your family and are making this a
combined EuroPython/Sprint/Vacation, yes, you can book a whole room
for your family, and yes you can get this rate for 2 or 3 weeks. If 
you already know that you want to do this, send me mail, because it
will influence whether or not I should go try to rent more space. Right
now I think that 153 slots are enough, because some people want luxury
hotels no matter what, and some people have frequent flier miles to
earn at the appropriate chains and the like.  

Laura Creighton
(for the EuroPython 2004 Team).

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