[EuroPython] Final fixes for the website

Beatrice Fontaine bea at webwitches.com
Fri Mar 12 03:20:48 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 01:47, Jacob Hallén wrote:
> Things are starting to look good on the website, but I think there are some 
> things that need dealing with, before we can go public.


Thanks for the forensic walk around the site, Jacob ;)

Some of the things you are addressing are indeed Plone defaults that can
and should be customised (like where you land when you've joined).
Others (like related, news, etc) were set up by those who gave Plone the
first try as a sustainable conference website environment,so they should
get a last chance to protest before we kill anything.

I think that we need dario, michael, joachim, shae, me (and other
hopefuls, of course!) and you online at the same time, to iron these
last things out. We need you to sit in - or at least by ;) - to say:
"yes, that's the way I want it" after each item has been dealt with.
Otherwise we will add another confirmation phase behind it, which is a
waste of time, imho. Does that appeal to you? Because then I would
suggest that all those involved mention their least available times
between now and Monday evening and we make a deal to sit together for
2-3 hours, which is all it should take.

OK with all those who feel personally addressed by the question?

shapr/bea are at a yearly meeting from 1700 CET today and will be back
late, but we are both pretty much available any (sane) time on Saturday
and Sunday.


Beatrice Fontaine <bea at webwitches.com>

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