[EuroPython] Final fixes for the website

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Thu Mar 11 19:47:37 EST 2004

Things are starting to look good on the website, but I think there are some 
things that need dealing with, before we can go public.


I am imagining that I am somebody who would like to submit a refereed paper.

I look at the website, find general information, find the refereed track on 
the tab at the top.

I read all the stuff and click on the link to the talk submission page.

* (Here I would like to be sent to the right place on the page, but I don't 
know how to express that.)

I click on "submit talk". After a little bit of thinking I figure out that I 
have to register. Not ideal, but workable.

Once I have registered, I can klick a button to log in. An extra step, but 
still fairly ok. * (It would be better if I automatically logged in.)

When I click on the login button, I am sent to a page that says "You are now 
logged in" and "Items published since your last login".

* Now I am totally lost -- I was trying to submit an abstract for a talk. Why 
am I getting "Items pubished since my last login"? I haven't even logged in 

* This needs to be fixed. Can't you use server side session handling, a 
cookie, or some URL mangling to store the information about where the user 
was trying to go?

Anyway, after having found my way back to the submissions page, I want to 
enter my abstract. I am now faced with a form which says "talk title", "short 
description", "Long description", etc.

* There is no mention of the abstract on this page. Does it go in the short or 
the long description? I'd like to format this page so it suits refereed 
papers, which are different from normal talks. Can I?

* I am also confused about the "type of talk" selection box. I know that I 
selected "refereed paper", so why do I have to enter this information again?

* Why do I get the options 15, 30, 45 and 90 minutes? 90 minutes is an option 
only for a tutorial, and I thought we decided to have either 30 or 60 minutes 
as talk lengths.


From the perspective of other visitors on the site, there are some more things 
that I would like to see changed:

* A tutorial is by default 90 minutes, and should only have that option. It 
should also have the "type of talk" set to "tutorial" with no other options.

* Regular talks can be 30 or 60 minutes. Those should be the only options.

* I still find the "navigation" box to be more harm than help. It gives 
different names to the tabs that are found along the top, it shows strange 
listings of events, no news under Europython 2004 (because the news are 
stored elsewhere) and show a raw directory structure, that is of no use to 
the visitor. Can't we get rid of this box?

* When you click the "Welcome" tab along the top, you come to a page which has 
a box along the left side with a caption "Related". This is very confusing. 
Can we make it go away?

Jacob Hallén

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