[EuroPython] Summary from yesterdays meeting and agenda for todays meeting

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Wed May 5 10:35:03 EDT 2004

We focused on getting a block schedule together, and I have now sent a letter 
to all the track chairs asking them to fill thier blocks with talks. We will 
be running 4 tracks in parallell almost throughout the whole conference.

The allocation is available at http://z3u.com/ep2004/TimetableSketch.

At the meeting on Monday, we will fix the schedule and sort out any problems 
that have been found in the process of allocation.

On the subject of registration, we have 101 early bird and 14 early bird 
students registered. 33 speakers have registered so far, which is a fairly 
small fraction of the ones we know are coming. Please urge your speakers to 
register as soon as possible.

The situation with the registration is that now we need about 70 more full 
paying registrants to make the budget to break even. Since Europython is only 
a month away, and it would be good for my nerves to know that we make the 
budget, please help us get the message out in your own communities.


This is not a real agenda, it is the list of notes that I and Darío have made, 
in more or less random order. We will pick things off the list in order of 
Front desk

process
T-shirt distribution

- design
	Name, organisation, email, country code
- printing
- holders


Daily schedule plus map
Interesting things on reverse of daily schedule

Sponsors - to approach
- Active State
- Zope Corp
- Oak Hill
- Wing
- O'Reilly
- Pythonlabs
- Datorbokhandeln
- Star Office
- HP
- Hogia
- ICS, IFS, Intentia
- Chalmers Innovation

Contact existing sponsors and those who have mailed about becoming sponsors

T-shirt manufacturing

Video projectors

Front desk staff
Technical staff

Networking for attendes
Networking for speakers


Attendees wiki

Sponsor support
- get somebody to co-ordinate
Personal invitations
Press release to Swedish papers/magazines
Signage at Chalmers
Conference brochure
Sprint co-ordination
Get all sponsors up on the web
Write feedback forms

Print your own name tags?
Barcode scanner?

- attendee count

- speakers count

- What to do is track chairs do not on talk submissions

- Absolute deadline for when a talk shoudl be accepted or not
   - there have been several inquiries to the list and off list
     from prospective speakers asking when they will know if their
     talk has been accepted or not

- Programme for the conference - when declare it public?
   - depends on the two items above

- Summary of known sprints.
   - which ones
   - contact persons

- summary of known sponsors
   - which ones
   - their contribution

- Summary of known exibitiors (if any) and other people.

- budget
   - what does the conference budget llok like
   - are there any issues that are worrysome?

- Logistics
   - Dates when the various people involved in the organisation
     will arrive
     - Track chairs
     - Sprint organisers
     - sponsors/exhibitors
     - EPC folks

   - Practical things
     - visitor reception
     - track chairs needing help?
       - I know that some track chairs are taking care of this
         themselves, but I'd like a summary from them anyway
     - Security
       - do we need any? I so of what kind? Can we skip it altogether?
     - assign one or two poeple the overall organiser
     - make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be abelt
       to do more than just be an organiser (ie. attend sessions, etc)
     - sponsor/exibitor reception

    - Catering/food status

    - Items that need to be taken care of RSN but that none has been
     able to attend to yet.

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