[EuroPython] Needed: People who conduct interviews

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Sun May 9 17:13:54 EDT 2004

Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> I would be happy to interview someone for the EuroPython convention. I 
> would love to interview Guido or Alex, but I am happy to interview 
> whomever you wish me to interview. I would probably be more effective 
> focusing on somewhat higher level concepts in Python, but more technical 
> issues would be fine as well.
> Let me know how I should approach this.

Ah, great, thanks! We've interviewed both Guido and Alex before, so you 
have to come up with new questions. Take a look at the existing 
interviews if you haven't already:


Try to get some questions related to EuroPython snuck in here (what 
they're going to talk about, for instance). I'm interested in personally 
what Guido is actually *doing* at his new job, and I suspect I'm not the 
only one. Feel free to share the interviews-in-progress with me and Tom 
Deprez (or other volunteers who want to help, if only with coming up 
with good questions); keep it in private email as we don't want to give 
away the answers when we're not done with it yet. :)

We'd like to interview new people too though; people we haven't 
interviewed in previous years. Guido has been interviewed a million 
times before, but what about, say, Armin Rigo? Look at the talk page and 
see if anything strikes your fancy. My earlier post also listed some 
good candidates.

Let the list know who you're interviewing so we don't overburden people 
with multiple interviews. :)



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