[EuroPython] Re: Accepted talks on Europython ( Zope-track )

Heimo Laukkanen huima at iki.fi
Sun May 9 17:32:58 EDT 2004

On Sun, 09 May 2004 22:16:25 +0200, Stefane Fermigier <sf at nuxeo.com> wrote:

Stefane Fermigier contacted me about not accepted talks and had his  
opinion on if my calls were fair.

I'm sending this also to europython-list to make sure that people  
understand basis for my decisions as the track chair - and if there are a  
lot of different opinions, we can open discussion on how to develope the  
acceptance process to be something that would make the conference better.

> | Not accepted talks were:
> | ------------------------
> | ArchGenXML: model driven content type development in a few minutes
> | CPS Schemas and Directories
> | Creating PDF Templates with RML in Zope
> | Dynamic graphical menu generation using icoya ButtonMagick
> | Extended XLink Website with Parsed XML
> | Flexible website menu generation with CMFMenuFolder
> | Proxies, workflows and events within CPS3
> | Python on a Java platform: High-Performance Text Indexing with Lucene
> | union.cms: a new mix
> I find a bit strange that 2 talks (60 minutes each!) were accepted about
> Archetype but none about CPSSchemas.
> Same for the balance between Plone and CPS.
> This is unfair, IMHO.

Yes, you can say that it is unfair and I do understand your view.

However I wish you understand that I make the calls based on perception on  
what people want to see and hear, and what will be good for the  
conference. This is not yet a democratic process - though it would be an  
interesting idea to have a slot where talks would be selected based on how  
registered participants ( mainly earlybirds ) vote.

Yes there are two 60 minute Archetypes talks since that project is very  
popular, interesting and at the same time also filled with questions. To  
have the possibility to get the main architect and person who has  
contributed a lot of new features to the HEAD to do talks is about  
creating good conference program, not about being unfair.

Looking at Zope track there are four talks that mention Plone in their  

Ship intranet applications with Plone
Past, present and future of Plone.
Link management in Zope/Plone.
Organizing Zope and Plone.

Two of those talks are not Plone-specific ( link management and Organizing  
zope & plone ) - but have something also relating to Plone. Christian  
Theune's talk about link management in Zope/Plone - will cover issues of  
threading etc. that they had to solve during development of  
CMFLinkChecker. And naturally Paul will be spinning some organisational  
opensource magic into the crowd - and use Plone as an example.

At the same time there are also three CPS-specific talks:

PyPackage.org and the EDOS project
CPS: past, present, future (II)

There are three talks that will cover/view Zope 3, two talks about Zope  
Corp and their project showcase, only one Silva talk and few miscellaneous  
technical talks. I really can't say that the program would be too much or  
even at all biased towards Plone. My opinion is that the Zope track has  
now a well balanced program that should give participants something that  
they can use now and something for tomorrow.

Perhaps next year we should have paraller to other Zope-talks either a  
Plone specific block - or even a Plone-track as fifth paraller track.  
Plone team has already proved that Plone can gather groups large enough  
for just Plone specific conference.

Please do tell us your views and opinions on how to improve Europython.


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