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Stefane Fermigier sf at nuxeo.com
Sun May 9 18:04:38 EDT 2004

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Heimo Laukkanen wrote:
| On Sun, 09 May 2004 22:16:25 +0200, Stefane Fermigier <sf at nuxeo.com> wrote:
| Stefane Fermigier contacted me about not accepted talks and had his
| opinion on if my calls were fair.
| I'm sending this also to europython-list to make sure that people
| understand basis for my decisions as the track chair - and if there are
| a  lot of different opinions, we can open discussion on how to develope
| the  acceptance process to be something that would make the conference
| better.
|> | Not accepted talks were:
|> | ------------------------
|> | ArchGenXML: model driven content type development in a few minutes
|> | CPS Schemas and Directories
|> | Creating PDF Templates with RML in Zope
|> | Dynamic graphical menu generation using icoya ButtonMagick
|> | Extended XLink Website with Parsed XML
|> | Flexible website menu generation with CMFMenuFolder
|> | Proxies, workflows and events within CPS3
|> | Python on a Java platform: High-Performance Text Indexing with Lucene
|> | union.cms: a new mix
|> I find a bit strange that 2 talks (60 minutes each!) were accepted about
|> Archetype but none about CPSSchemas.
|> Same for the balance between Plone and CPS.
|> This is unfair, IMHO.
| Yes, you can say that it is unfair and I do understand your view.
| However I wish you understand that I make the calls based on perception
| on  what people want to see and hear, and what will be good for the
| conference. This is not yet a democratic process - though it would be
| an  interesting idea to have a slot where talks would be selected based
| on how  registered participants ( mainly earlybirds ) vote.
| Yes there are two 60 minute Archetypes talks since that project is very
| popular, interesting and at the same time also filled with questions.
| To  have the possibility to get the main architect and person who has
| contributed a lot of new features to the HEAD to do talks is about
| creating good conference program, not about being unfair.
| Looking at Zope track there are four talks that mention Plone in their
| subject:
| Ship intranet applications with Plone
| Past, present and future of Plone.
| Link management in Zope/Plone.
| Organizing Zope and Plone.
| Two of those talks are not Plone-specific ( link management and
| Organizing  zope & plone ) - but have something also relating to Plone.
| Christian  Theune's talk about link management in Zope/Plone - will
| cover issues of  threading etc. that they had to solve during
| development of  CMFLinkChecker. And naturally Paul will be spinning some
| organisational  opensource magic into the crowd - and use Plone as an
| example.
| At the same time there are also three CPS-specific talks:
| PyPackage.org and the EDOS project

As I have told you and Martijn, this talk is only very remotely related to Zope
and CPS, and it should go in the testing/qa track. But if there is no other
option, I'd much rather keep it for another conference and leave some room to
Florent and Julien who have more interesting things to tell.


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