[EuroPython] talk matrix

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu May 13 05:19:51 EDT 2004

Laura Creighton <lac at strakt.com> writes:

> Mine looks much better under konqueror, where the titles 'such as Python Applications'
> stay on one line, and the calendar, which we don't need on every page is stuffed out
> to the far right.  Under Mozilla Firebird, we get things like:
> Business
> Software 
> Patents and DRM
> Panel-Led 
> Discussion 
> Which doesn't make it clear that BUSINESS is the track title, and not part of the
> Panel discussion.  Can we get a space between the track title, and the beginning of 
> the first talk title?  

What do you mean?  Vertical space?

> If not, can we get a colon after the Track Title?

This would be easy.

> Perhaps moving the timestamp to be opposite the talk, and not the
> Track Title will help.

If you mean what I think you mean here, this wouldn't be easy.


  C++ is a siren song.  It *looks* like a HLL in which you ought to
  be able to write an application, but it really isn't.
                                       -- Alain Picard, comp.lang.lisp

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