[EuroPython] Additional Information REALLY neaded!

Harald Armin Massa ghum at gmx.net
Thu May 13 07:03:30 EDT 2004

After resorting the talks ... the first talk is:

"how to create the ploneConference with archetypes 


Detailled information gives us:

talk title:
how to create the ploneConference with archetypes
Abstract (max. 200 words):
How the ploneConference product was created with archetypes.

that is not enough. More direct: that is really frustratring for the 
"occasional scanning person"

Especially because this is the FIRST entry on the talks list. People get 
curios "what might ploneConference be??? and, what the * are archetypes?"

They click on the link.

and they see: ploneConference is a product (what kind of product? what 
does it cost? who does need it? what does it provide? where can I buy 
it? Why should I care?)

they do not learn: what are Archetypes? Is child labour needed to get 
Archetypes? Are any animals harmed? Can we grow our own Archetypes? Do 
archetypes contain genetically engeneered raw material?

what is ploneConference?

It leaves people frustrated - and gives an impression of an 
insider-conference. People who know something seem to talk to other 
people who know the same secret code. Better not go there, they may see 
that I do not belong.

Please, please, especially on the first two and the last two of the 
talks in the list, ADD information explaining EVERY "special word" (like 
"plone", "Archetype", "CMS", "Application Framework" "bullshit bingo"...


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