[EuroPython] volunteer hunt: Python Frameworks track chair?

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Mon Apr 11 16:31:52 CEST 2005

Hi there,

I just learned today that the Python Frameworks track chair is vacant. I
don't want to fill it myself (I've done it the last 3 years and want to
be a bit more free at the conference; plus someone else might actually
improve stuff. :), so I am hunting for a volunteer. I'll help out any 
volunteers of course if any of my advice is necessary.

The obvious first place to ask for a track chair volunteer is on this list.

I'm going to be really dumb now and scare people off by listing stuff
you need to do. :) Being the Python frameworks track chair would involve:

* processing talk proposals for the Python frameworks track, and keeping
the (potential) speakers up to date. This can be done through the website.

* selecting and accepting proposals.

* keeping well-synched with the other trackchairs and organizers through
this mailing list and regular irc meetings.

* help to put down the program. This is a puzzle of fitting talks into 
slots, possibly negotation with other track chairs over time. :) I 
recommend keeping the talks short (30 minutes).

* being there while the track is held, helping with any (technical)
problems that may occur, making sure speakers end and begin on time.
Possibly if there is some discussion or Q&A session, help moderate this.



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