[EuroPython] Marketing plan

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Apr 11 17:26:09 CEST 2005

As promised, I have made a plan for the marketing. Comments and additions are 
very welcome.

The most important parts of the marketing are the emails to previous attendees 
and the psosts to c.l.p.a.

The products that are needed are:

* Newsflashes by 15 April, 28 April, 13 May, 1 June and 12 June.

* Press release in Swedish (Sometime before June)

* Press release in English (Sometime before June)

* Invitation to Swedish Universities (Sometime before mid-May)

* PDF for printing (Sometime before mid-May)

Previous attendees

Personal invitations (in English) by email:

* When call for papers is published (Done)

* A few days before registration of refereed papers ends (ends 22 April, we 
may want to combine this with the registration announcement)

* A few days before registration of talks ends (ends 1 May)

* When registration opens (Around 15 April, work is still going on)

* Shortly before early-bird cutoff (Cutoff is 16 May)

I have a script that does the mailing.

International Python community

As above, plus a couple of reminders after early-bird cut-off.

This should go to comp.lang.python and europython-announce at python.org as
well as any other mailing list you can think of as suitable.

International Zope community

News entry on Zope.org?
Mailing lists?

I'm afraid I don't know much about this world. I think you do.

People outside the communities

A press release in Swedish should be made and sent to the Swedish
computer press as well as Göteborgsposten and any other suitable

The magazines and journals I can think of are:

* Ny Teknik

* Computer Sweden

* Datormagazin

* gnuheter.org

* Elekroniktidningen

* Elekronik i Norden


We send our press releases to education magazines and IT education
focused websites. No special adaption needed.

I never did this last year, and I don't know where to send stuff.
Maybe we can find someone at Chalmers who knows where it should go.
(They used to have a person who was focused on learning methods
at Kloka Huset. Maybe they still have someone like that.)

University students

We make a pdf poster and we make an invitation that we mail to CS
departments and computer societies at selected universities.


* Linköping

* Lund

* Karlstad

* Luleå

* Stockholms Universitet

* Uppsala Universitet

* Högskolan in Skövde

* Högskolan i Trollhättan/Uddevalla

* Högskolan i Karlskrona/Ronneby

Chalmers gets special treatment with posters on-campus inviting students
to particpate for free in exchange for work in the reception.

Selected individuals and companies

The people who are closest to them send personal invitations,
including some boilerplate about the conference, how to register,
where to find information etc.

I did this with places like Ericsson, Astra Zeneca, MySQL, Diamo,
Intentia, IFS, IBS, Pythonware and Volvo IT last year. I hope I will
have time to do it this year as well. Doing it late in the process
is not a problem.

This year we should market the fact that we have a focus on Python
language introduction.

Other special interests

Marketing is up to each respective track chair. Usage of the common
products is encouraged.

International marketing outside the Python and Zope communities

This would be nice, but it requires the efforts of other people.

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