[EuroPython] Meeting today, Tuesday 19 April + report

Jacob Hallen jacob at strakt.com
Tue Apr 19 02:10:00 CEST 2005

There is a meeting for Europython organisers today at 18.00 CET on the normal 
channel: #europython on the freenode IRC network.

This is mostly a meeting to follow upon the status of things.

We need to send out some PR this week. Deadline for refereed papers is 22 

I have been working away at the registration, and I am almost done. I hope to 
have a testing session in conjunction with the meeting. If this doesn't 
uncover any horrible problems, we can go live with registration right after 
the meeting.

I'm fairly satisfied with the way that the registration works. There area few 
warts, and other people will probably find some illogical things and missing 
pieces of information once they test the stuff.

I would also like to have a discussion about what more we can do to improve 
the website.


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