[EuroPython] [Please read and respond!] We have an EPC 2006 host and organiser

Benedikt Hegner benedikt.hegner at cern.ch
Sat Feb 5 22:01:25 CET 2005

Hello Laura,

thanks for this information about sprints. This can easily be changed 
if people want this. Regarding the budget - what do you want to know? I 
suggest an offlist discussion together with Dario.


On 05.02.2005, at 21:32, Laura Creighton wrote:

> This is looking really good, though experience has shown that Sprints
> are better _after_ and not _before_ the conference.  (Unless, like
> PyCon you schedule your conference just before Easter :-) ) People
> who meet at the conference decide they want to Sprint afterwards.
> I still think that it would be useful to provide some sort of
> preliminary budget.  But it sure looks promising.
> Laura Creighton

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