[EuroPython] Website to review

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Sun Feb 6 02:08:30 CET 2005

Please go to http://europython-develop.zope.nl/ and check out the website.

This is a quick transplantation of last years contents, with some new 
information. In particular, I would like help with the following:

- Check that there isn't any information that pertains to last year.

- If you are a track chair, review the information about your track, and send 
me a revised text. I have simply dropped in last years text in most cases.
(Track chairs will get a personal letter about this, since I'm not sure all 
track chairs are subscribed to the list.)

- Consider if there is any more information thst should go in.

The talk registration pages have bugs. This is a known problem. We will work 
on these in the beginning of next week.


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