[EuroPython] Banners and Google

Stefano Masini stefano at pragma2000.com
Mon Feb 7 10:26:30 CET 2005

Hello dear Europython organizers, thanks for your job.

I just want to spend a few words about banners.

Wouldn't it be usefull to have a "Links" section, where all the 
banners of all the sponsors are shown?

This way we would give Google a better chance to correctly index the 
europython website, I think. I'm not sure whether server-side rotating 
banners present a fair view to Google. It probably is limited to the 
banner that is shown when the spidering happens.

Personally I liked last year's solution where all the sporsors where 
listed in the home page. That gave terrific feedback to google, and 
since europython.org was ranked 8/10, I think sponsors must have been 
happy too.

But I do realize that this year's website is *a lot* better looking, 
and listing all the sponsors in the home page would probably not be 

That's my 2 cents...


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