[EuroPython] How do you make links go from the pulldown menus directly off the site?

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Wed Feb 9 23:48:23 CET 2005

Laura Creighton wrote:

>I don't want to make any pages that I cannot edit.  I cannot trust me to get
>it right the first time, since I have no idea what I want until I try things
>a bit.  Is what i want impossible?

as I said earlier the pulldown menu shows documents *inside* the site. 
The Wiki page lies outside the site. So either put a link and trust the 
ability of users to click on the link. Or use some javascript to do the 

If you'd create a document that links directly to the wiki you wouldn't 
be able to edit it anyway since clicking on it would take you to the 
wiki ...

>Laura  (who also doesn't know the javascript for 'open this on a new page' and why
>that is any different from the command you already sent me).

this one opens a new window:

<script language="JavaScript">
  function newWindow(url) {
    mywindow=window.open(url, 'selector', "height=760, location=no, 
menubar=yes, status=yes, toolbar=yes, resizable=yes");
    mywindow.location.href = url;
    if (mywindow.opener == null) mywindow.opener = self;

  function redirect_to_wiki() {

  setTimeout("redirect_to_wiki()", 500);

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