[EuroPython] Things that need doing

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Mon Feb 28 20:05:18 CET 2005

Jacob Hallén wrote:


>This is a list of things that are getting rather high on the urgency agenda. 
>I'd like to send out the announcement that we are accepting talks befiore 
>1. All track chairmen need to review and update their entries on the website.
>Some of you haven't. You know who you are. Please do it now. We are waiting 
>for you!
>2. Fix the last bug in the talks registration.
>I'm working on this. Should be done in a day or two.
>3. Get some real sponsor banners in place instead of the fake ones.
>I'll try to find/make a Strakt one. I assume that getting a Chalmers one 
>should be easy (jmo or dario?). Other sponsors will be put in as soon as they 
>have their materials ready.

yes, that's great. the banner format by the way is the standard 468x60 
pixels. - this is important.

and possibly a half-skyscraper (160 x 320 Pixels) in the left column of 
the site (under 'sponsors')
(I'll put one of these on a page so that people get an idea)

file sizes should not exceed 20 Kbytes if possible

what is also required is a URL, a title and a very short description of 
the sponsor.

>4. Publish the website.
>jmo. Do we know how this is done? Where does the old site go? Can we link to 
I believe that the webmasters at amaze.nl will do this, the old site 
should get a new name though so that we can link to it.

PS: -  I have switched to a tableless renderer for the layout - if there 
are problems with some browsers I can switch back to tables..
       - There is a glitch in the navigation menu under IE in 
second-level pages (and not on the front-page for some reason) which I'm 
going to fix.
       - The Structured Text renderer that shows documents will be 
replaced by a ReStructuredText renderer since the content from the Plone 
site seems to have been written in ReST.

cheers /JM

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