[EuroPython] SDJournal magazine - recommended sites

Ewa Lipko ewal at software.com.pl
Wed Jun 8 11:37:33 CEST 2005

Dear Sir/Madam

With a great pleasure I'm writing to ask you for thinking about my
proposal detailed below.

I'm a representative of the Software Wydawnictwo publishing house
(www.software.com.pl/en) which publishes magazines covering IT issues.
Software-Wydawnictwo Sp. z o. o. publishes magazines which include
valuable information for professional programmers,security specialists,
developers, administrators, webmasters, and hobbyists.

I would like to propose you to exchange information between us. Wishing
to enlarge our activity, we are preparing a one page in printed version
of the magazine called Recommended Site.

I'd propose to publish an information (screen-shots of your website and
description of your company) in our
Software Developer's Journal magazine in exchange for placing our banner
at your website. 

We circulate our magazines around the World. The magazine is of Polish
origin, but it's translated and published in other countries and
language versions. The English version is available in Austria, Morocco,
Spain, France, Germany, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway,
Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, USA.

However, we publish our mag in different languages e.g.
1. Software Developer's Journal (monthly) in French, Polish
2. Software Developer's Journal Extra! (bimonthly) in French, Spanish,
Polish, German
3. Hakin9 - (bimonthly) in French, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian,
4. .psd - (bimonthly) in French, Polish, Italian
5. Linux + DVD (monthly) in French, Spanish, Polish, German
6. PHP Solutions (bimonthly) in French, Italian, German
Our magazine is addressed to professional programmers. We are read by
those programmers who want to know more about current IT achievements,
rather than hope that changes will somehow avoid them. To satisfy our
readers, we present both the news from the programming field and mature
technologies proved by time.

BTW: screen-shots specification: size 1024x768px; resolution 72
dpi/inch; amount of characters 136 (with spaces); amount of characters
of email address 31.

Please feel free to contact me by responding to this email.
Kind regards
Ewa Lipko

Software Wydawnictwo Sp.z o.o
ul.Lewartowskiego 6
00-190 Warszawa, Poland
email: ewal at software.com.pl
tel:   +48 22 860.18.92
fax:   +48 22 860.17.71

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