[EuroPython] EuroPython visitor questions

Rob Collins rob.collins at agiledata.co.uk
Wed Jun 22 02:15:02 CEST 2005

Hello Jacob and Laura

It was good to meet you in Oxford, when I was being
enthusiastic about py.test. Laura, you encouraged me
to come to EuroPython, and I'm flying out tomorrow
night! However, I'm not a seasoned traveller, and
would appreciate some advice that I can't find from
the EuroPython website or elsewhere:

1) What arrangements are there for security? I'm
bringing a laptop, but I'd rather not take it with me
as I visit the archipelago -- it might get wet! Is
there anywhere I could leave it safely?

2) You mention bicycle being a good way to get around.
Since I ride a bicycle to work in the UK, I like the
idea. How likely is theft? Does the shop supply
suitable locks?

3) I'm hoping to see a bit of Goteburg before the
conference. Do you have some recommendations of places
not to miss? Are there others you know of arriving
early who might have the same idea?

4) I'm interested in your PyPy sprint, but
unfortunately I have to return to the UK on 2 July.
Would it worth my joining you for the first day on the
Friday? Or could I (one year full-time with Python) be
of any use before the conference (when it sounds as if
the PyPy experts will be meeting)? I'm keen to get an
understanding of what you're doing with PyPy.

5) Or are there other sprints on Thursday and Friday?
None listed on your web site!

6) Can you recommend a good web site from which to
print off a relevant road map of Goteburg? 

7) Will there be somewhere I can get broadband access
before the conference?

8) Do you know anyone who could recommend a good
church for Sunday morning (preferably Evangelical
rather than Catholic)?

9) Would it be possible to meet you on Thursday for
some help with the maps and orientation? I get lost

10) Is there any swimming pool available at a
reasonable price?

Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes

Rob Collins

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Dr Rob Collins
Director, Agile Data Ltd
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