[EuroPython] Menu for the Banquet

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Fri Jun 24 10:52:34 CEST 2005

The banquet menu is as follows:
	"Sallad Grecque"
	      Salad with Feta Cheese, Artichokes, Olives and Peppers
	available without the cheese for the vegans, lactose intolerant, 
        and people who want Kosher only.

Main dish:

	Grilled Salmon w Hollandaise Sauce with Sugar Peas and 
        Boiled New Potatoes

for the Vegetarians, Kosher, and people who hate fish or seafood

        Potato and Leek Terrine with Warm Mushroom Salad and Tomato & Sherry

       This is checked to not contain eggs or dairy.

	Vanilla Pannacotta with Raspberries

for the Vegans and Lactose Intolerant and Kosher
	a selection of fresh fruit.


All the people who informed me that they were vegetarians have a
reserved vegetarian meal, even those who said they 'sometimes eat
fish'.  Prabhu Ramachandran has a problem (he is a vegetarian that
doesn't eat onions or garlic, and leeks are an onion) -- we will make
him something special.

There is a glass of wine or beer included.  More you have to purchase
yourself at the cash beer and wine bar.

Now, last minute things:

1. Aside from Prabhu, anybody else have a problem with the menu?  Let
   me know asap.

2. Could undeclared vegetarians and fish-haters get in touch with
   me asap so I can change your Main Dish order?

3. Could people who need extra tickets but haven't already reserved
   them please get in touch with me so we can get an accurate count?

4. How many children are coming, and how many need high-chairs?  
   There is also a children's menu of hot dogs and frenchfries
   available. Let me know if you want this.  Absolutely no children
   will be forced to eat such things if they want, instead, a nice
   piece of Salmon, or the Terrine if they are vegetarians.  (I have
   poignant memories from my own childhood about this.)


The banquet will be held at the Elite Park Hotel.  (Note, not
the Elite Plaza Hotel).  Kungsportsavenyn 36-38.

Picture here: http://www.elite.se/hotell/goteborg/park/

Map here: 

(actually, for some reason the yellow pages is showing all of Avenyn, not
 just #36.  You want the corner with Engelbrektsgatan.  So a walk from

Hope you all enjoy this,

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