[EuroPython] Python Framework track (has our talk been accepted?)

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Sun May 8 23:44:53 CEST 2005

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> Jacob Hallen wrote:
>>torsdag 05 maj 2005 12.21 skrev M.-A. Lemburg:
>>>I'd be willing to help out with track chairing for the
>>>>>Framework track, if there'd be two or three others joining in -
>>>>>with a team of three or four for the track, the job could be
>>>>>leveraged to still allow attending other talks during the
>>> Thanks for your offer. I'm sure I can find one or two people at Strakt who can 
>>> be drafted into doing part of the track chairing as well, so I think we have 
>>> a working solution for that part.
> Should work: I think that one of the track chairs should be
> present for the intro to each new talk.
> If possible, I would not like the framework and business
> tracks to overlap, since I'd like to attend a few of the
> business talks.
>>The other part of track chairing is to review the submitted talks to see that 
>>> we aren't getting something that is unwanted. Either that we have talks that 
>>> overlap too much, there is something that seems to be sub-standard or if 
>>> there is something where it would be useful to ask the speaker to modify 
>>> his/her approach to the subject. Would you be able to make such a review of 
>>> the registered talks?
> Depends on the timeframe - I'm very busy at the moment, so I could
> only spare an hour or two. I would need to know the following
> things:
> * How many 30-minute slots are available for the track ?
> * On which days would those slots be happening ?
> * Is it possible to combine 30-minute slots ?
> * Is it possible to reassign talks to other tracks ?
> * Where's the web-interface for the track database ?
> * What's the deadline for approval decisions ?

Hi Jacob,

please provide some feedback on the above questions and
also give me the email addresses and names of the Strakt
helpers for the track chairing.

Without this information, I don't see how we could make
proper decisions before May 11th.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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