[EuroPython] Sprint organisation EuroPython 2006

Roger Ineichen roger.ineichen at projekt01.ch
Wed Oct 19 11:38:19 CEST 2005

Dear organisators

My name is Roger Ineichen, living in switzerland where the 
next EuroPython will be located.

My question is, is it possible to organize a sprint there?
I'm a developer working on the zope3 framework and I was
organizing some sprints earlier like the first Plone Sprint
in switzerland in berne with the SwissZope organisation.

The Sprint topic would be Zope3. See the link below for more info:

Can you give me the right contact address for future questions?

Thanks a lot
Roger Ineichen
Projekt01 GmbH
Langackerstrasse 8
6330 Cham
phone     +41 (0)41 781 01 78
mobile    +41 (0)79 340 52 32
fax       +41 (0)41 781 00 78
email r.ineichen at projekt01.ch

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