[EuroPython] Progress?

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Tue Apr 4 12:23:18 CEST 2006

Matthew Bull wrote:
> not sure if this helps but from what I've worked out from the Cern
> site...
> http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?client=public&X=680000&Y=5790000&width=700&height=400&gride=&gridn=&srec=0&coordsys=mercator&db=DE&addr1=&addr2=&addr3=&pc=&advanced=&local=&localinfosel=&kw=&inmap=&table=&ovtype=&keepicon=&zm=0&scale=100000&multimap.x=141&multimap.y=264
> is centered (pretty much) on the cern meyrin site (all along route de
> meyrin) with the conference rooms and the hostel accomodation to the
> west end. (look for "route niels bohr" as you zoom in)

Thanks. I found a similar link yesterday using Map24:


(also points to the Niels Bohr route)

It appears as if CERN is close to the airport, but requires a bus
drive to the center of the city.

> Matt
> On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 22:46 +0200, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>> Chris Withers wrote:
>>> Michael Hudson wrote:
>>>> Does
>>>> http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=44#ACCOMMODATION
>>>> help at all?
>>> Not really, it doesn't make any recommendations :-/
>>> I particularly care about:
>>> - closeness to the conference venue
>>>    (and wherever it is, I want to know how to get from the hotel to the
>>>     conference venue)
>>> - english speaking
>>> - decent internet connection
>>> - decent hotel ;-)
>>> Can anyone with local knowledge make any recommendations?
>> Same request from here :-)
>> If you could tell us the exact address of the place where
>> the conference will be held, I suppose that the various mapping
>> sites would be of great help in finding the right hotel.
>> Unfortunately, the CERN site seems to be missing this one
>> bit of vital information (they only mention a snail
>> mail address in form of a PO box :-).
>> I tried this on map24.de but to no avail - CERN's not registered
>> as POI :-(
>> BTW, I found this URL on the CERN site which might be helpful:
>> http://building.web.cern.ch/building/
>> It appears as if the conference is going to be held at
>> the "Meyrin" site.
>>>>> - Submit a talk.
>>>>>    http://indico.cern.ch/abstractSubmission.py?confId=44#interest
>>>>>    ...seems to indicate that I can't do that yet :-/
>>>> You should be able to now.
>>> Done ;-)
>> Dito. Thanks for opening up the flood gates ;-)
>>>>> - Book my flights. I need to know the definite dates and times for this.
>>>>>    Am I right in thinking that if I arrive on the evening of July 2nd and
>>>>>    leave on the evening of July 6th that I should get everything,
>>>>>    including the CERN tour in?
>>>> I'm pretty sure you'll get everything with those dates.  Benedikt is
>>>> probably the one to inspire real confidence though.
>>> Benedikt, you there?
>> Thanks,

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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