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New Mailing List for PyCon Technology and Conference Software
From: Jeff Rush <jeff <at> taupro.com>
Subject: New Mailing List for PyCon Technology and Conference Software
Date: 2006-02-05 10:53:48 GMT

I have arranged for the creation of a new mailing list under python.org 
for the discussion of software development for PyCon, of any type and 
for any year.  We've been sending a lot of email privately and making 
the process more visible would be good I think.  There are a few 
disjoint efforts and a list would bring them together.

This list is also for the discussion of other technical matters related 
to PyCon such as the audio/video recording efforts.

This list can also help us prepare for the conference-software sprint 
that Andrew Kuching is pushing for PyCon this year.

Please consider signing up by visiting:





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