[EuroPython] preparations at CERN

Paul Everitt paul at zope-europe.org
Wed Jan 11 09:57:02 CET 2006

On Jan 10, 2006, at 6:43 PM, Michael Hudson wrote:

> Aiste Kesminaite <aiste at pov.lt> writes:
>>> Tracks and talks:
>>> - Should we have a poster session?
>> I have no strong opinion about that but would lean to the lightning
>> talks fulfilling this need.
>> One more thing related to tracks and talks -- there was a discussion
>> about changing track chairing format -- i.e. there was a  
>> suggestion to
>> not have one person who chairs the whole track during the  
>> conference but
>> rather have several people do it so no one would have to spend the  
>> whole
>> conference or most of it just in one track.
>> Taking care of choosing talks for a particular track prior to the
>> conference would still be done by one or a few people responsible for
>> that track.
>> What do people think about this change?
> It makes sense to me.

+1 from me also.  Track chair does preparation beforehand, track  
hosts manage presentations the day of the conference.

> In other news, I'd like to have an IRC meeting for people considering
> being track chairs (in the before-the-conference sense) sometime in
> the next couple of weeks.  As a strawman, I'd like to propose this
> Friday (the 13th) at 1500 GMT (so 1600 for those on the continent).

I'll be traveling that day, FWIW.


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