[EuroPython] local organizers update

Benedikt Hegner benedikt.hegner at cern.ch
Mon Jan 23 16:54:56 CET 2006

Hi all,

before the meeting just some information.

Keynote speakers:
Would you be interested in a keynote about World Wide Grid? This was  
one of the ideas we had when discussing this topic in our meeting.  
For the people who asked: Tim Berners-Lee is to expensive for us  
(think alone of the travel costs from USA).

Conference dinner proposal:

Rillettes de saumon sur saladine
Supreme de poulet “provencale”
Entremet aux fruits
Terrine de Rouget
Longe de veau rotie au Noilly Prat
Salade de fruits rouges
Salade estivale (jambon cru/melon)
Cornet de truite aux petits legumes
Foret noire
Garniture de saison selon le choix

No proposal for the vegetarian menu yet.

Budget breakdown:
lunch will not be included for several reasons. The prices for lunch  
have a wide range. From simple sandwich to a full blown lunch  
everything is possible. Providing coupons we would limit for example  
in Restaurant 1 the choice to the standard menus Proton, Neutron  
(what else should meals for physicists be named after ;-)) and  
vegetarian. And because we will not get any rebates (too bad) we  
decided to exclude lunch from the conference fee.

So what's included then:
- a personal folder with information about the conference, the site...
- coffee breaks (coffee, tee, croissant, juice, water, biscuits)
- drink
- conference dinner
- access cards (yes. we probably have to pay for stupid plastic cards  
to access the cern area)
- guided tour to one of the big experiment areas for 100 participants.
- some infrastructure (e.g. a room with terminals for people without  
a portable)

This makes in total costs of roughly 65 Euro per Person. Could be 2  
Euros more or less. Some items are not yet clear. I know - it's a lot

Then we have the expenses for Keynote speakers and grants for some  
speakers. Extrapolated from the numbers I got for last year  it's  
about 8000 Euro.
With a low estimate of 250 participants that would make (together  
with 1000 printed stuff, 1000 reserve) about 25,000 Euro to finance  
the conference at the local site.

My conservative idea for the fees (new/old):
50/70 Euro for Speakers (yes. cheaper than our costs per person.  
Otherwise it would be more expensive than last year if you think of  
the lunch.)
65/100 Euro (early bird)
100/150 Euro (normal)
150/200 Euro (at door)
Other participants:
120/160 Euro (early bird)
190/220 Euro (normal)
240/270 Euro (at door)

I based my calculation on these numbers:
20 staff
60 Speakers
75 early birds
60 Normal
25 early bird students
10 students

If we scale this up to 300 participants the fees could be reduced a lot.

A simple but nice looking website for PR about europython in general,  
with some information about the past conferences and a link to the  
new one. I will help with the content (which is already there in parts).
All other information is on our local website at CERN. But there we  
are a little bit limited in matters of eye-candy layouts. That's the  
reason why I think we need such a website.

We have to discuss the deadlines for talk submission, early birds,  
normal registration etc. And we need a deadline for announcing the  

Official Europython Society stuff:
Would it make sense to open a bank account somewhere in a country  
with the Euro? The next conference will probably be in another "Euro- 
Country". Now with an account in Sweden it will be a conversion from  
Euro to Swedish Crowns, then back to Euro and some Swiss francs.  
That's waste of money.

That's all for the moment. Waiting for your comments :-)


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