[EuroPython] Python conference software

Steve Alexander steve at canonical.com
Wed Jan 25 17:51:43 CET 2006

> For the website with information about the conference, what we had the last 2 
> years was hopelessly over-engineered. There is need for some fairly advanced 
> templating, which allows for the display of banner ads, unified dropdown 
> menus and such, but the content management behind has really been in the way 
> of collaborative work on the website. The ideal solution from my horizon 
> would be a very small directory tree with a simple include mechanism and 
> files written in either xhtml or Rest. The webserver would handle the 
> includes, the Rest translations and finally fill in the dynamic content 
> before serving up a webpage. Doing Plone or CPS for handling a site of about 
> 25 web pages is as impractical as shooting mosquitos with an anti-aircraft 
> gun.

The Ubuntu linux distribution has recently moved its website from Plone
to a MoinMoin wiki, with some customized moin style files.

I think a MoinMoin wiki meets the basic needs you outlined above.

Steve Alexander

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