[EuroPython] Python conference software

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Thu Jan 26 15:56:51 CET 2006

uh, this discussion, IMNSHO, is rapidly becoming non-interesting. And I 
am a bit upset at seeing the same discussion popup again and again.

So, can we please just decide on what software to use? I am not 
interested in, at least as I perceive it, this covert blame-game that is 
currently going on.

What happened, happende, let's not let it happen again. The problems we 
had we had were had for specific reasons - most of them had nothing to 
do with the technology.

Bottom line: is the software ready or not?

We need NOT to integrate the website with INFORMATION on the conference 
with any other conference reg.system, automated or manual. I've managed 
larger conferences that EPC without any automated systems. ust a website 
with info (edicted with a texteditor).

So, how much time do folks that have interests in EPC using their 
software need to set up working environments so that the rest of us can 

Perhaps there are more people than just Strakt and CERN interested in 
having their software evaluated?

We need to have a decision on this soon. And please - let's keep the 
requirements at a sensible and practical level.

Is 10 days enough time for the interested parties to set their systems up?


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