[EuroPython] Python conference software

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Thu Jan 26 21:30:37 CET 2006

Laura Creighton wrote:

> .....
>But given our diverse community, it is not surprising that we cannot
>find a fit which suits everybody.  Consider CherryPy, to pick
>something that we aren't using, and as far as I know are not
>considering using, so should not unduly stress people out.  I have
>heard both of these comments about CherryPy's likeness to PHP.  It is
>'a major strength that allows people to work in ways they prefer and
>enjoy', or 'an abomination, like the PHP it resembles, that makes it
>working with it an intolerable experience'.  There is no hope in
>getting these two reviewers to meet in some happy middle.  You might,
>if you worked hard at it, create a work experience that both of them
>dislike, but pleasing them both is impossible.
>There is a reason why we have so many webframeworks, and that does
>not reflect badly on us.  People really, really, really do care about
>how they work, and really prefer to do things in ways that other people
>hate.  Indeed, the same feature _often_ works that way.  

But finding a framework that pleases everyone has never been the goal. 
The important point has been to get a site up and running that 
*visitors* are pleased with. That Plone's or CPS' workflow model do not 
fit your frame of mind is of very little interest.

we had a student who came one afternoon and created the "getting around 
göteborg" pages 
and it took 5 minutes before he could start using the software.

Which is why I still don't understand what you are bitching about 
concerning the site .. If you can't learn different ways of working with 
software than the ones you are used with, then I would say that it is a 
problem of yours in the first place. 



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