[EuroPython] Python conference software

Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Thu Jan 26 22:01:15 CET 2006


Just a note from sort of an outsider..

I don't know what actually went wrong with the systems used before
(though I would be interested in what sort of things these systems could
not provide. But this only via PM to not bloat this thread).
But IMHO things should calm down here again. I think most of the systems
can be tailored in a way that a) the editors can work with them and b)
the visitors can use. The latter should be even more subject to some
designer/visual communicator than to a programmer. The programmer should
just make it fit. Speaking of the first thing in an ideal situation
there should be some analysis before in what they need and so on.

As it seems that Benedikt (and who else?) proposed their system as they
are used to it I don't see any problem in why not just using it.
Information about the conference in general never seemed that much and
can in the worst case simply be done in simple HTML. But again here
should these people decide who actually do the editing. As stated above
I think that the appearance to the visitor should be tweakable with
nearly every system. And somehow combining different system should also
be no problem (e.g. using some Apache rewrite rules, iframes or whatever).

So it might be of interest

a) who will actually be providing the information
b) what system do they prefer to use and (if no system is preferred)
c) what are the requirements

maybe also

d) what system parts must be there? (information, registering, talk
database etc.)

Don't know if that mail helps but I was just wondering that choosing the
system for the website is the main problem ;-)

-- christian

Christian Scholz/COM.lounge
cs at comlounge.net

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