[EuroPython] Info about RV parking

Stefano Masini stefano at pragma2000.com
Sat Jun 10 08:23:34 CEST 2006


I am coming to europython from Italy, so I'm traveling by car.
Actually it isn't a car, it's an RV (Recreational Vehicle, camper,
motor-home, it's called in different ways in different countries...),
so I am wondering whether there is a suitable parking space for it
nearby the Europython venue. I found out on the map that there
actually is a proper camping space with facilities and fees for rvs,
tents and such, but it's quite far, on the lake, on the other side of
Geneva, some 40 kms away...
I would be equally happy to find something like a park, or a quiet
parking lot, or something like that, if it was nearer and, of course,
if staying there for the night was allowed.

I'm not sure who's the best person to ask.
In case this was not possible, I think I should hurry up and make
hotel reservations for me and my family.


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