[EuroPython] Minor Web site corrections/suggestions

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Tue Mar 21 01:10:42 CET 2006

Hello all,

The EuroPython Web site is really coming along now, but here are some minor, 
nagging-level corrections for some of the information on there:

The spelling of "accomodation" should be fixed to be "accommodation"; this 
affects a few pages, I guess.

On the location page [1], we might want to mention some of that information 
Chris Withers was asking about:

  * The Swiss currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF). I don't know how much roaming
    people are going to do before/during/after the conference, but it's useful
    (or perhaps comforting) to know (for those that didn't already know) that
    France and Italy both have the Euro (EUR).

  * Credit cards are usable in Switzerland (or they were when I had to use
    them there), and they have various other payment systems in use, too,
    although I imagine that some of them (eg. CASH, not actual cash!) are only
    of interest to payment fanatics and the banks. ;-)

  * Switzerland is regarded as quite expensive: a quick search for the often-
    popularised cost-of-living surveys revealed that Geneva is in the
    top ten in most cases. (Here in Norway, there was a lot of press about
    Oslo being #1, but the property markets often distort such surveys, and
    whilst Oslo sits below London in some tables [2], it did acquire the title
    of "the most expensive of the 71 cities surveyed" without rents included,
    although I hardly think I can derive any satisfaction from that.) Anyway,
    if you're aware of London, Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, Dublin, Stockholm,
    Helsinki or Reykjavik economics, Geneva might not be a big shock. (See
    also [3].)

On the breakfast, lunch and dinner page [4], it says that the restaurant is 
open until "01:00pm" - this should, of course, be until 1:00am or 0100. Cue 
happy memories of late night bulk beer buying as a summer student. ;-)

The proposed sprints page should probably redirect to (or make way for) the 
actual sprints page on the Wiki. I seem to remember it occasionally 
redirecting for information relevant to last years conference.

Anyway, if this is the wrong place to send all this information, please let me 
know. Having taken a break from the python.org toolchain for a while, I'd be 
happy to sanity-check stuff for EuroPython. (And we should definitely retain 
the upper case E and P for consistency with prior practice, yes.)


[1] http://www.europython.org/sections/location
[2] http://www.citymayors.com/economics/expensive_cities2.html
[3] http://www.citymayors.com/economics/expensive_cities_eiu.html
[4] http://www.europython.org/sections/events/breakfast
[5] http://www.europython.org/sections/sprints_and_wiki/proposed_sprints

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