[EuroPython] Minor Web site corrections/suggestions

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Mar 21 10:08:10 CET 2006

Paul Boddie <paul at boddie.org.uk> writes:

> Hello all,
> The EuroPython Web site is really coming along now, but here are some minor, 
> nagging-level corrections for some of the information on there:

I believe it's traditional at this point for me to say "do you want
the rights to edit the website for yourself?" :)

> The spelling of "accomodation" should be fixed to be "accommodation"; this 
> affects a few pages, I guess.

I think I got all of these; please tell me if I missed any.

> On the location page [1], we might want to mention some of that information 
> Chris Withers was asking about:
>   * The Swiss currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF). ...
>   * Credit cards are usable in Switzerland ...
>   * Switzerland is regarded as quite expensive: ...


> On the breakfast, lunch and dinner page [4], it says that the restaurant is 
> open until "01:00pm" - this should, of course, be until 1:00am or 0100. Cue 
> happy memories of late night bulk beer buying as a summer student. ;-)


> The proposed sprints page should probably redirect to (or make way for) the 
> actual sprints page on the Wiki. I seem to remember it occasionally 
> redirecting for information relevant to last years conference.

Not done yet, as I don't think there's a wiki on ep.org yet.

> Anyway, if this is the wrong place to send all this information, please let me 
> know. Having taken a break from the python.org toolchain for a while, I'd be 
> happy to sanity-check stuff for EuroPython. (And we should definitely retain 
> the upper case E and P for consistency with prior practice, yes.)

Thanks a lot!


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                                            -- Tim Peters, 08 Nov 2001

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