[EuroPython] EP 2007 dates: Mon 9 July -> Wed 11 July

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux at ael.be
Tue Sep 5 23:49:59 CEST 2006

Steve Alexander a écrit :
> Today, after some positive discussion on this mailing list over the past
> few days, the EuroPython Board voted in favour of the proposed dates for
> EuroPython 2007.

thanks for this fast decision that helps us get organized.

> EuroPython 2007 will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania from Monday 9 July
> to Wednesday 11 July, with Programmers of Vilnius as the organising team.

thanks again to POV.

In order to help, I would like to gather the documents that could help 
to ask for financial support from some official organizations or 
companies. I am thinking to known users of Python like Google that 
showed up at EP2006 but also at other potential supporter like some of 
our national bodies or the European COmmission or Nato or ...)

I know that to ask for support from EC, we should start to ask at least 
one year in advance but if we could show a well done document already it 
could help. As I am in Brussels, I volunteer to go personnally and 
discuss the case with the local people from EC and if possible Nato (I 
know Nato sponsors some conferences too)

This work could be done in a discrete part of the wiki (not publically 
accessible I mean but restricted to the volunteers of EP2007)

> Next steps?  Someone should update the website with the dates.  Is there
> anywhere else we should publicise the dates?

Please do so as soon as possible on europython.org

Who as write access to the europython.org site ?

Now, shouldn't the info that was specific to EP2006 be properly archived 
yet be accessible to users (I did get some presentations recently and 
appreciated it) and let the space open to EP2007, while also letting in 
place the info that could be reused for EP2007 ?

A question was raised about the usage and potential setup of the CERN 
conference management system. Shouldn't this be finalized ? Can we / do 
we want to use the CERN facility ? Is there any available server if not 
? Who volunteers to do the install ? ...



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