[EuroPython] EP website and tools : replacing CPS by Plone

Harald Armin Massa haraldarminmassa at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 22:29:12 CET 2007

My recommendation for this matter is:

Somebody should stepp forward and write:

"I will do the website and be responsible for it"

If you will be that, Nicolas, so it will be your decision which tools you
want to use.
Be it Plone, Cherrypy, Appleby, Quixote, Twisted, Whatever, Dojo, Mojo,
I do not recommend to chose Oracle Application Server, but, if they would
pay us 20e6 Mio, why not.

I really do NOT recommend that we discuss in great length which tool to use
... if we learn that the tool is good, we can use it next year also, if it
sucks, we change.

Can we agree on this way of deciding? The one who does the job decides the

To give energy: if nobody objects within the next 7 days, go on like this,
Nicloas :)


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