[EuroPython] New registrant in 'EuroPython 2007': Mr. BATLOGG, Jodok

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Mon Jun 4 13:30:03 CEST 2007


>I finally got to sign up on indico.cern.ch and already registered one  


>Now my question: do I really have to set up an account for every  
>single attendee? This is quite a bit of work, as I have to register 4  
>persons in total....
>If so - I will do :-)

I'm prepared to be contradicted here, but I think the idea is that each participant has their own account so they can access the Indico services on a personal basis. Sadly, that may mean more work for someone, and we're sorry if that person is you!

I just checked the registration details for the person you registered, and it says that there are 4 guests for the conference dinner for that person. Remember that each conference attendee can register themselves for the conference dinner at no extra cost, and that guests of that person will not therefore be other conference attendees. If we didn't make this clear enough and/or you didn't intend to include so many guests, please let us know so that we can adjust the numbers.

If you need any assistance (as was required with the account registration), please let me/us know!



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