[EuroPython] Invitation letter from Lituanian national and/or company

Michael Welch mwelch at exoweb.net
Tue Jun 12 11:19:46 CEST 2007


My name is Michael Welch and I'm representing Exoweb, (China) Ltd., a  
python-based open source software development company located in  

We're in the middle of preparing a trip for 4-5 of our developers to  
Europython, but have run into a big problem.

Currently, one of our developers is a Chinese national, and the  
Lithuanian embassy requires him to submit an invitation letter along  
with his application.

We were wondering if it were possible for the Europython organizers  
or their affiliated event promotions company or other officials to  
help us in providing an acceptable invitation letter so that our  
developer can attend this event.

One troublesome spot is that the invitation letter must be endorsed  
by the Lithuanian Migration Service, which will provide a number that  
the embassy in Beijing can use to approve the visa.

If you could, please contact me at this email address (Reply All) or  
call me via telephone at +86 135-0108-4424 (anytime is okay) and let  
me know what we can to do help alleviate this situation. If you  
prefer I call you, please provide a number I can reach you at and  
acceptable time to call.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this request, and I hope  
we can figure out a good solution that will allow my employee to  
attend Europython. After we make contact we can quickly provide you  
with any information needed regarding the attendee.

Once again, thanks and hope to hear form you soon!


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