[EuroPython] Registration Status

Aiste Kesminaite aiste at pov.lt
Wed May 9 14:56:40 CEST 2007

Hi all,

>   * Special accommodation details are ready on the site. These will be
>     published when registration opens, unless someone thinks that they can be
>     published immediately (or as soon as I can manage it). People tell me that
>     the 50 room figure was a commitment, not a limit - if there's no real or
>     clear limit, we should find out soon so that the registration process
>     doesn't scare people with a rapidly decreasing number (like last year).
>     http://www.europython.org/workspaces/ep-2007/booking-information

It is not a hard limit. So far, they have allocated 50 rooms for the
conference, but if they have more rooms free -- we can have them.

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