[EuroPython] New logo for Europython

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Tue Feb 12 19:45:04 CET 2008

Laura Creighton wrote:
> Some people have gotten tired of the old Europython logo and think
> that it is time for a change.
> Here is a candidate for a new Europython logo,
> suggested by Jeroen Vloothuis and Thijs Jonkman
> http://europython.pyconuk.org/community/Planning/ProposedLogo
> We're interested in finding out what people think.
> And, if you have an idea for a logo, please send it to
> europython-improve at python.org .  Or better yet, join that newsgroup,
> where we have begun organising Europython 2008.
> There's always room for more organisers.
> thanks very much,
> Laura Creighton

Remember that the 12 stars (representing since the age of times the 12
constellations of the zodiac for those who wonder where that comes from
...) are an emblem of the European Union, not necessarily a symbol of
Europe. Then the serpent is highly symbolic too, meaning cold wisdom or
pure intellect, as in "wise as a serpent".

I thought I'd mention that since Europython took place two years ago in
a country which isn't part of the EU, i.e Switzerland.


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