[EuroPython] New logo for Europython

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 20:18:06 CET 2008

> I thought I'd mention that since Europython took place two years ago in
> a country which isn't part of the EU, i.e Switzerland.
> Best
> /JM

I think that's a *very* good point.

The "Euro" in EuroPython means "in Europe" which *need not* be
considered synonymous with "EU" -- the political institution(s).

I know PyPy gets EU funding and such -- not like Euro is
"anti-EU" or anything.  But EuroPython is not a creature of the
EU (right?).  Just like Pycon is no USA lackey (people come
from around the world -- there's no implication this is something
"government hosted").

Reminds me of a favorite bumper sticker in these parts:

"USA *out* of North America!"

Right up there with "Keep Portland Weird" in some neighborhoods.


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