[EuroPython] New Logo for EuroPython: The Candidates and a Call for Designs

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Feb 15 01:06:35 CET 2008

The candidates proposed so far for a new EuroPython logo have been uploaded to 
the EuroPython site for convenient comparison:


In the third IRC meeting, the consensus appeared to be that we would let 
people propose other designs, and give the designers of the existing 
candidates a chance to refine their designs, setting a deadline two weeks in 
the future.

So, logo designers have until Thursday 28th February to propose new logos and 
to refine their existing work. Feel free to either add the designs to the 
above page or, if you don't feel confident doing that, to post them to the 
europython-improve mailing list:


Happy designing!

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