[EuroPython] Sponsorship

Jacob Hallén jacob at openend.se
Sun May 25 23:46:26 CEST 2008


I'd like to report on the status of sponsorships.

We have inquiries from Google and one other company about regular sponsorship 
deals. We have 3 non-regular deals that I plan to negotiate to gift 
sponsorships or low cost money paid deals. They are all 3 old supporters of 
EuroPython and I think it is good policy to recognize their earlier 

I have sent out emails about sponsorship opportunities to all the sponsors of 
Pycon-fr, Pycon Italia and Pycon that I could dig up a contact place for. I 
also sent mails to the sponsors for 2005, since I had those on file.

I will dig up a few addresses more - mostly Swedish companies that would be 
interested. This is very time consuming work, so I won't be able to find a 
whole lot of them. I would be happy if people provided me with email 
addresses to send offers to. I have a nice Python script that does bulk 
mailing for me, so getting the messages out is quite easy.

If there are registers of sponsors or people approached for EuroPython 2006 
and 2007, I would be grateful for those.


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