[EuroPython] London - Birmingham

Zeth theology at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 23:07:42 CEST 2009

2009/6/17 Tony Heskett <tony.heskett at gmail.com>:
> Worth adding that "buying a ticket at the rail station"
> can easily work out 3x more expensive than selecting
> a discount ticket in advance, and it's *very* annoying
> to find that out only afterwards.
> So as well as the links already posted, you
> might try this one; and checkout the (cheap)
> online advance fares please.
> http://www.virgintrains.co.uk/default.aspx

Virgin Trains and London Midland operate services to/from London
Euston. Chiltern Railways operate services to/from London Marylebone.

http://nationalrail.co.uk will tell you all of them, and the prices.

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