[EuroPython] Sharing rooms on Premier Inn

Tobias Brox tobixen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 14:42:05 CEST 2009

Hm ... it seems like one really should contact the hotel and get the
beds arranged if one is to share rooms?  According to the email below
the rooms are with one bed unless one asks for two beds.

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From:  <BirminghamCityCentre.PI at premierinn.com>
Date: 2009/6/26
Subject: Re: Tobias Brox / EuroPython booking
To: Tobias Brox <tobixen at gmail.com>


Yes we can have two beds in room but this has to be arranged with
hotel directly before hand. I will organise this for you and yes
he will be able to access room.



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